Report from Music Protocol Working Group

MPWG exhibition booth overview



AMEI's challenging approach towards the next generation of MIDI.

The Music Protocol Working Group(MPWG) of Application study group in Association of Musical Electronics Industry(AMEI) is now working for the standardization of data transmission of Audio data and music performance data which are used among electronic musical instruments and their related equipments.
Especially, in the technology field of high speed serial data transfer,
studies and experiments to estimate the possibility of importing those technologies have been made by several member companies in good co-operation very energetically.
In this opportunity of MIDI World 98', we AMEI show the some portion of those results of those MPWG's activities.

Target technical issue

1: More realtime

2: More expressive

3: More easy-to-use

Recent activities and results

We have been working for the implementation of Audio and Music data transfer by using IEEE-1394 and USB which are the good candidates of the high speed serial data transfer.

Activity reports

IEEE1394Activity reports on IEEE1394