AMEI Information

(Association of Musical Electronics Industry)

At the dawn of the 21st century, in the midst of many modern innovations, digital technology continues to evolve. The industry environment in which we exist is going through great changes as well.
In this context, the Minister of International Trade and Industry approved the establishment of AMEI ( Association of Musical Electronics Industry ) in April, 1996. This was a historical event brought about by the changing demands of the business world.

Music, sound, pictures, networking and computers are all being combined by digital technology and a new multimedia age is being created.

Diverse business opportunities are also being developed through AMEI's various activities and AMEI is committed to adapting itself to this new technology era.
To meet these new challenges, the following five areas of activity are being pursued by AMEI.

  1. AMEI will manage the MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface ) standard for music data communication in Japan and contribute to the expansion of the musical electronics market by gaining official recognition of the MIDI standard in a variety of fields.
  2. AMEI will sponsor educational and promotional activities for the musical electronics industry that focus on MIDI. Specifically, AMEI will develop and manage MIDI proficiency tests; MIDI related seminars and events such " digital music fairs" and "MIDI World".
  3. AMEI will organize various research projects and hold conferences to adapt to the digital age including investigating such areas as the protection of the music data and protection of intellectual property rights when using the MIDI standard.
  4. AMEI will carry out various multimedia promotions. To this end, we publish a multi-media Text, Music and Sound CD-ROM every year and we hold high-level technology seminars. These projects continue to enlighten people about music and sound and enhance their appreciation of sound and technology.
  5. AMEI will engage in investigation and research of the following technical issues related to musical electronics hardware:
    • Safety Standards
    • The execution of independent request examinations
    • PL law and environmental problems
    • Various international standards
    • Research on Digital Recording machines
"MIDI" is the registered trademark in Japan of the Association of Musical Electronics Industry.

Participation in AMEI is indispensable when you are using the word "MIDI" and conducting business in Japan.

Your creativity and cooperation is necessary for the musical electronics industry to meet the challenges of this new digital age and open new markets for MIDI. Having understood the main direction and focus of AMEI, we urge you to join us and participate in AMEI to bring the promise of this new digital age to fruition.

Outline of AMEI
(As of July 03 2009)

  • Head Office:
    Ito Bldg. 2-16-9 Misaki-cho Chiyodaku Tokyo 101-0061 Japan
    Telephone: +81-3-5226-8550 Facsimile: +81-3-5226-8549
  • Date of establishment:
    April, 1, 1996

  • President:
    Hiro Okabe ( Managing Director Yamaha Corporation )

  • Vice-President:
    Kimitaka Kondo ( Managing Director Roland Corporation)
    Ryuichi Sasaki ( Director MTI Ltd., )
    Yasutaka Wada ( President and COO Daichi Kosho Co., Ltd. )

  • Executive Director:
    Syuzou Iwasaki ( Association of Musical Electronics Industry )

  • Managing Director:
    Seiki Kato ( President Korg Inc.)
    Toshio Hakama (President JVC Entertainment CO.,Ltd,.